Get to Know Your Saint Louis Supporters Groups

the St louligans logo which consists of a Dark blue shield crest outlines in thin red and green lines with a skull breaking free from the shield. One the foreehead of the skull  is a city red and green fleur de lis flame element

The St. Louligans

Established in 2010, The St Louligans are the longest standing SG in Saint Louis and have raised over $200k for charity in the past 6 years. The Louligans encompass The Thieves, The Louligan Tailgate, The Lady Louligans, and the CSB. Though not officially connected, No Nap and FLeur de Noise leadership all are currently or have previously called themselves Louligans.

The Saint Louis City Punks Logo- a circular logo the outer most ring is city red and reads "Saint Louis City Punks - Walk among us - the interior of the circle is dark blue with a city red X which seperates S P L C moving clockwise from 12 o'clock position

Saint Louis City Punks

The Punks are the newest supporter section that is not a direct offshoot of the Louligans. Est. 2022, the Punks, in their signature sleeve-less jackets, specifically support suicide awareness and prevention as well as community invovlement and jsut being a good human being.

STL Santos

​Pasión. Orgullo. Comunidad. Estos son los principios de la primera barra hispanohablante de St. Louis CITY SC. Nuestra misión es juntar a la comunidad hispano/latina de St. Louis alrededor del fútbol, ofreciéndoles información, acceso y noticias del equipo en tu idioma. También tenemos como misión apoyar a organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro que ayudan a nuestra comunidad en St. Louis. Ademas de esto, tendremos puntos de encuentro previos al partido para socializar y disfrutar la fiesta de futbol entre amigos y familia.

Passion. Pride. Community. These are the principles of the first Spanish-speaking supporters group of St. Louis CITY SC. Our mission is to unite the St. Louis Hispanic/Latino community around soccer, offering them information, access, and team news in their language. We also support non-profit organizations that help our community in St. Louis. In addition to this, we will have meeting points prior to the game to socialize and enjoy the soccer party with friends and family.

The Thieves logo- female presenting face in black in white where the right side of the face or left side of the viewers perspective is skull with no right eye and one green left eye. The Theieves is below the face in script and block letters

The Thieves

Est. 2020 as an offshoot of the St. Louligans, The Thieves mission is "fighting for marginalized groups within the gameday/supporter environment, within our community, and always."

No Nap City Ultras Logo- a blue field with the No Nap City Monster (Think sewn block headed plush doll) in a circle reminiscent of a Ferris wheel

No Nap City Ultras

Est 2022. Another offshoot of the Louligans, the now independent No Nap City Ultras is a group for parents of young children in the supporters section or in the stadium as a whole. Family friendly and offering specific gameday goodies activities for the our youngest supporters and their chauffeurs.

Fleur de Noise Shield logo. Blue and city red Shield which bears the name Fleur de Noise as well as Fun Time, Dance Party.

Fleur de Noise

Est 2022, Fleur De Noise is an independent soccer supporter group for St. Louis CITY SC. Our goal is to provide the heartbeat for every CITY gameday and to make St. Louis the toughest home environment in North American soccer.