Show Up Make Noise


Who We Are

Founded in 2022, Fleur De Noise is an independent soccer supporter group for St. Louis CITY SC. Our goal is to provide the heartbeat for every CITY gameday and to make St. Louis the toughest home environment in North American soccer.

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The Heartbeat of Gameday

Our chants help provide the heartbeat of every St. Louis CITY SC home gameday. Click the link to see a collection of the chants we use during the 90+ minutes of action.

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Rep The Noise

Wear Fleur De Noise with you whereever you go. With designs from local creators from around St. Louis you know you are getting and wearing the best of St. Louis!


St. Louis Supporters Groups

CITYPARK's North End Stand is comprised of many groups of fans who are looking to make St. Louis one of the toughest home environments in North American Soccer. Click the link below to check out the other SG's who will make up the supporters section in CITYPARK.

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